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Silent Journey
Michelle K. Langfeldt

Exhibition dates: February 1 - 28
Opening reception for invited guests: February 7, 5.30-9pm

Michelle Langfeldt’s collection of works capture an undistracted view of stillness and tranquility; environmental abstracts void of chaos and disorder. Michelle is drawn to portraits of landscapes that transcend time and draw you into their moment. Her work invites the viewer to experience, or consider, what has happened before and what is yet to be. She has said, “these spaces find me as much as I find them.” In her newest body of work, Silent Journey,her photographs showcase unimpeded light, space, and energy, evoking a sense of silence, opportunity, anticipation, and relief. 

In a world filled with excessive screen time, chaos, and attention-demanding distractions, Michelle Langfeldt’s work aims to provide visual relief to these diversions, and challenges viewers to accept the vulnerability of silence.

Later Event: February 26
Paint and Meditation Night at Oolong